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The purpose of this website is to discuss Dr. John Manzella, a physician and entrepreneur and the Medical Director and Practice Manager of LV Housecalls.com. Here, you can find a full bio for Dr. Manzella and his experience as a clinician and businessman, as well as current information on the field of healthcare, one of his areas of expertise.

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The goal of this site is to give more details about Dr. John Manzella and to be a source of information intended to help out anyone with an interest in finding out more about healthcare. Dr. Manzella has been helping his patients as a physician for almost thirty years, and uses his entrepreneurial skills to further advance the care he is able to provide. To find out more about John Manzella, check out his full bio which is located on the About Page or, to get in contact with Dr. Manzella, just head over to the Contact page and use the form located there.


Dr. John Manzella

dr john manzella

Allentown, PA Physician & Entrepreneur

Dr. John Manzella is the Medical Director and Practice Manager of LV Housecalls.com and the Physician Liaison and Billing Specialist for Topper Medical. He earned his doctorate degree from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1995, and his PhD in Health Care Management in 2013 from the University of Rochville in Washington DC.


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Dr. John Manzella currently serves as both the Physician Liaison and Billing Specialist for Topper Medical as well as the Medical Director and Practice Manager of LV Housecalls.com. If you would like to get in touch with him, just fill out the form located on the Contact Page and Dr. Manzella will message you back as soon as possible. To learn more about John,you can visit the About Page, where you will find his full bio and list of accomplishments.

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On this site, you can look up plenty of information regarding healthcare designed for anyone with questions or who just wants to learn about the field and how it works. In our Blog Archives, you can view tons of advice and helpful tips that come directly from Dr. Manzella. As a highly respected authority in his field, Dr. John Manzella has plenty of inside knowledge on the field of healthcare. Learn more about your healthcare options by reading the articles in our Blog.


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Simply contact Dr. John Manzella if you would like to learn more about healthcare. If you are another professional in the field who wants to connect or network with Dr. Manzella, or if you have any professional opportunities that you would like to collaborate on, please reach out to him by using the form on the Contact Page, and John will write back to you as soon as he can.


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